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Safety & Privacy is devoted to providing guests with a form of entertainment, education and perhaps some inspiration at times. In doing so, our number one concern is your privacy. Infomation such as name or email in a photo submission will not be included on the public viewed photo in the gallery. An email address will only be used by website staff in order to address a concern. All photo submissions will be reviewed by site staff to ensure and confirm personal information is not part of the image, image title or description.

If personal information is included in the image, image title or description, site staff will take the most appropriate action(s) of the following options:
1. Edit text or image to remove offending content
2. Delete or Deny Photo submission
3. Notify Uploader via email
Photographic Rights It is up to the image uploader to ensure that the image submitted is of their own content. By submitting an image through the sites dedicated submission form, you as the image owner waive any rights you have to the original image and give the right to use the image in any manner outside of the fore mentioned privacy protection in place here.
Removal Requests If there are concerns about an image that has been copied or stolen please use our contact page to notify us. Please provide us with reasoning in order for us to take down the image.
Privacy Collection Personal information held by RateMyPC includes the name you provide us and your email address. Any other information provided by the Image Uploader would be 100% voluntary. is the sole owner of the text submitted under Image Name and Description of the submission page.

Information about you as a visitor to the site may be tracked using common analytics software. This may include referral source, pageviews, browser type, IP address ect.


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