Project M3 Prologic

Project M3 Prologic

Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:37 pm
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Type: Intel i7 5820K 15mb cache 6 cores
O.S.: Windows 10 Pro
Born Date: (Date first Turned on) 20th of June 2016
Motherboard 1: Gigabyte X99 ,
Motherboard 2: custom build & prologic cells next tech.
CPU: i7 5820K
GPU:Saffire R7 370 4GB 256 bit DDR5
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2666 MHZ
HDD: SSD Intel 535 serious
cooling system: 280L Nepton cooler master & other directional cooling fan to draw heat from within behind the MB.
Power supply: Zalman 1000W
the CPU is overclocked to 4.3GHZ & the RAM is overclocked to 3200MHZ
I am not a Gamer , actually this is my home PC & I like to build .

The case is Acrylic 3 cm thickness & 18 KG when empty, The prologic cells are imbedded inside and the info collection points glow in the dark

I wish there was a video upload

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