The Magpie V2 -- Feedback wanted

The Magpie V2 -- Feedback wanted

Sat Jan 16, 2016 6:18 pm
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I wanted to do a 'Black and White' build for a while and I finally got the money to do so.

CPU -- i5 4690k intel

What can I say, over clocking to 4GHz is so necessary. Runs CSGO at 300fps. All I need :D

Motherboard -- Msi z97s sli krait edition

Sound quality is unreal and the sata express lets me boot windows in 5 seconds

RAM -- 2x4GB Hyperx fury White

Ram is Ram... Runs well

SSD -- Samsung 850 Pro 256 GB

Overkill I know... it was on sale :D Boots windows faster than Usain Bolt

Case -- NZXT S340

The best case for cable management, paint is softer than a fairies chuff. Lots of opportunity and potential for extreme modding

GPU -- Zotac 960 4GB Amp!

Heard alot of great things about this thing. Runs like a dream and matches the build. kinda... 4GB is great when playing demanding games.

PSU -- Corsair 430w

First person to complain that it's risky gets a kiss from Susan Boyle... The PSU is enough for decent overclocking and gaming.

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